Lead Kids to Explore
a New World!

JELIC Believe in Education enliven Thinking.

Kids can learn effectively and creatively if they become active learners. With JELIC, kids think and grow step by step.

What is JELIC

JELIC enhances kids’ development of language, logic, mathematics, visual space, music, interpersonal relationship, reflection, body movement and other characteristics.

5 Creative Thinking &

6 Learning Domains

“Brain Power Engine” emphasizes on the development of both left and right brain, which greatly influences kids’ future characteristics and traits.

Topics of the 6 Domains

JELIC provides systematic, long-term and multi-domain courses with 59 well-sequenced topics and 450 boxes of manipulation, exploration and thinking.

A01 3D Constructs
A05 Top/Bottom/Left/Right
A09 Block Arrangement
A13 Algebraic Counting
A17 Time Telling
A02 Inside/Outside
A06 Geometric Figures
A10 Property Judgement
A14 What is Missing
A18 Time Sequence
A03 Area Correspondence
A07 Frames/Inlays
A11 Shadow Selection
A15 Length Comparison
A19 Location Positioning
A04 Dot Correspondence
A08 Property Combination
A12 Sameness/Difference/Comparison/Contrast
A16 Quantity Comparison
A20 Bingo Games
B01 Threading & Reasoning
B05 Dual-Property Judgement
B09 Location Reasoning
B13 Combination/Separation
B02 Whole Number Separation
B06 Shadow Judgement
B10 Multiplication
B14 Property Combination
B03 Dot Matrix Rotation
B07 Condition Selection
B11 Division
B04 Blocks Arrangement
B08 Overlapping
B12 Counting
C01 2D Sequence
C05 Direction & Counting
C02 Property & Combination
C06 Combination Sequences
C03 Inclosure & Counting C04 Location & Counting
Life Skills D01 Transparent Templates
D05 Shapes & Colors Colors,
D02 Buying & Selling
D06 X-Y Coordinates
D03 Clock Bingo
D07 Paths & Routes
D04 Left/Right-Hand
E01 Alphabet
E05 Sentence Construction
E02 Words & Pictures
E06 Math Language
E03 Words & Pictures E04 Verb & Adjective
F01 Shape Association
F05 Facial Expressions
F02 Creative Shapes
F06 Peg Board Games
F03 Constructs F04 Puzzling
Intelligent Constructs
  • A01 3D Constructs
  • A02 Inside/Outside
  • A03 Area Correspondence
  • A04 Dot Correspondence
  • A05 Top/Bottom/Left/Right
  • A06 Geometric Figures
  • A07 Frames/Inlays
  • A08 Property Combination
  • A09 Block Arrangement
  • A10 Property Judgement
  • A11 Shadow Selection
  • A12 Sameness/Difference/Comparison/Contrast
  • A13 Algebraic Counting
  • A14 What is Missing
  • A15 Length Comparison
  • A16 Quantity Comparison
  • A17 Time Telling
  • A18 Time Sequence
  • A19 Location Positioning
  • A20 Bingo Games
Mathematical Deduction
  • B01 Threading & Reasoning
  • B02 Whole Number Separation
  • B03 Dot Matrix Rotation
  • B04 Blocks Arrangement
  • B05 Dual-Property Judgement
  • B06 Shadow Judgement
  • B07 Condition Selection
  • B08 Overlapping
  • B09 Location Reasoning
  • B10 Multiplication
  • B11 Division
  • B12 Counting
  • B13 Combination/Separation
  • B14 Property Combination
Combinational Thinking
  • C01 2D Sequence
  • C02 Property & Combination
  • C03 Inclosure & Counting
  • C04 Location & Counting
  • C05 Direction & Counting
  • C06 Combination Sequences
Life Skills
  • D01 Transparent Templates
  • D02 Buying & Selling
  • D03 Clock Bingo
  • D04 Left/Right-Hand
  • D05 Shapes & Colors
  • D06 X-Y Coordinates
  • D07 Paths & Routes
Linguistic Capabilities
  • E01 Alphabet
  • E02 Words & Pictures
  • E03 Words & Pictures
  • E04 Verb & Adjective
  • E05 Sentence Construction
  • E06 Math Language
Aesthetic Creation
  • F01 Shape Association
  • F02 Creative Shapes
  • F03 Constructs
  • F04 Puzzling
  • F05 Facial Expressions
  • F06 Peg Board Games

JELIC Learning Process

JELIC PSL – Personalized System of Learning

JELIC puts more emphasis on self-directed and step-by-step learning. With well-designed courses, kids will gradually gain confidence. The manipulation of teaching aids will also bring more potential and inspiration to kids.


Learning Passport

Know the current learning phase


Take out the Teaching Aids

Enhance the sense of order


Self-Learning Time

Learn to solve problems by themselves


Guide from Teachers

Help kids solve problems


Try Again

Try to solve problems again


Problems Solved

Learn effectively


Learning Process Recording

Teachers record kid learning process


Put the Teaching Aids Back

Enhance the sense of order

JELIC 5 Persistence

JELIC provides professional courses of
life application and intelligence inspiration.

Experts point out kids aged from 0 to 6 are in the golden age of brain development. Their intelligence, creativity, characteristics, confidence and morality are strongly built during this period of time.


Active Learning

JELIC puts a lot of stress on active learning instead of learning passively from teachers.


Teachers are “Leaders”

Teachers have to know and observe every kid’s need.


Learning by Doing

By finishing all the jobs by themselves, kids can learn effectively with full focus.


Systematic Courses & Personalized Teaching

JELIC provides personalized courses for every kid to meet their differences.


A Quiet and Orderly Learning Environment

Kids need a quiet and orderly learning environment to explore their interests.

Ideas for a New Education Method

“I have heard of brain development. I believe what kids learn has a great impact on who they will be…”

- mother of a four-year-old kid

“Changes count more than what we already know. Kids have to grow and learn in a more natural way…”

- kindergarten director
with 27-year teaching experiences

“I have read books about brain development. Sometimes we can learn something from kids if we think differently…”

- kindergarten teacher
who is studying courses about brain development

“Creativity learning process makes a difference in one’s childhood…”

- mother whose daughter
has learned JELIC for six months

“It’s not only a business, but a revolutionary social movement…”

- Founder of JELIC

“A distinct way of education is needed for kids to face the changes in this competitive society…”

- kindergarten director
with one-year teaching experience of JELIC

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