Success Stories

Surimah Bt Selamat

".. MPM techniques are unique that answers to the future requirements for life skills, in tandem to the global challenges. I know I have made the right choice ..(more)"

Tu-My and YT

".. The MPM books are colorful and fun with many challenges. I thank the MPM program for helping or daughter overcome the difficulties she previously endure whilst learning mathematics ..(more)"

Mother of Allycia and Natasha Chew

".. She has shown improvements in her number bonds and thinking skills. It is an interesting program as MPM includes tools to strengthen the understanding of mathematical concepts .. (more)"

Mother of Renee Chiu

".. After attending MPM lessons at 5 1/2 years old, she gradually showing keen interests in maths both at MPM & school.. Now, Renee's favourite subjest is maths & she has scored high marks ..(more)"

Mary Chee

".. Eugene completed his PSLE with a remarkable, expected “A” star result for Math last year. Even without any Mathematics tuition now in his Secondary level, he manages to be top in Mathematics in his class! I have complete ..(more)"


".. MPM has been useful for my children. It method and materials given and used is be well researched and planned. one of the unique method which I find good n useful is by using colors , it helps children to see and understand ..(more)"

Chong Xin Yue

".. My daughter started the journey with MPM Math in January 2016. My daughter did not like math since Primary 3 but she was still able to cope with the math school exams. When she was Primary 5, we discovered that she started ..(more)"

Krin Yew

".. From Jelic to MPM i have been taught by many teachers ever since I was 3 years old. They helped me in my mathematics and i improved slowly. In MPM I learnt many Mathematics methods that are not taught in ..(more)"

Elliott and Eleanor

".. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Teacher Desmond for his patience for teaching both my children, Elliott and Eleanor. They enjoy his lessons and have both ..(more)"

Elia Tan

".. Our daughter, Elia has been with MPM for the last 1 year. During this time, we have seen growth in both her logical and creative thinking to solving Math problems ..(more)"

Ee Ting Li

".. Math has always been one of Ting Li's weaker subjects. She has never like Math, till she joined MPM Math.All thanks to Teacher Desmond, with his assistance ..(more)"

Vanessa and Gwyneth

".. My Children, Vanessa (P4) and Gwyneth (P1) started attending MPM Bukit Timah about 1.5 years ago. Both of them love to attend MPM lesson and the materials are very ..(more)"


".. Edan started off with MPM @ Bukit Timah in early 2017. He was instructed by Desmond with great care and details of different ..(more)"

Tristan Pereira

".. MPM Math is a fantastic programme for children! The booklets are colourful with interesting graphics to engage the child's attention ..(more)"


".. 在小米滿兩歲九個月時,我們發現她非常喜歡拼圖益智類的遊戲,甚至可以獨立挑戰 80~100 片的拼圖,或是六和九塊的立體磚。在一次姐妹淘親子聚會後,大家鼓勵米粉讓小米去〝上課〞看看,因此透過好朋友推薦 ..(more)"



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